Theatre on Orlí street

Basic information

Theatre on Orlí Street / Musically Dramatic Lab is a new theatre venue of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. It contains a high-tech workplace with stage technology, i.e. especially sound and lighting that allows students to prepare for professional careers in an environment corresponding to current world trends. It primarily serves the student musical theatre – opera and musical. It offers the cultural life in Brno a variable stage for youthful art, while the contemporary architectural appearance of the city has acquired this contribution of a filled gap from the times of WW2, the modern building designed by Brno architects Pavel Rada and Milan Rak. Construction has begun in 2010 and was completed in the autumn of 2012.





Orlí Street Theatre provides a variable theatre space that is designed as a multipurpose hall with a stage, orchestra pit, and fly loft, which makes it possible, using the movable elements, to build a classic proscenium theatre, but other spatial solutions that change the ratio of the size of the stage and auditorium and allow a central stage are also possible. The technical equipment is installed so that it can respond to these alternatives. It allows you to set up the floor of the room on the same level as the stage (it can be used for other purposes than performance, for example, conferences, etc.) or place the performance area as well as the auditorium and in any place /with various levels of technical support/. The total area of the room is 21 x 12 m, height is 6,5 m; a more detailed description can be found in a separate document. The total capacity is 150 people, depending on the room layout.

There is a recording studio in the basement, built-in as a concrete block flexibly mounted on two floors of the building, so the influence of any disturbing noise is reduced to a minimum. The studio has an acoustically favorable setup and some acoustic properties are variable. All recording technology is separated, both in the music director’s room and in technological areas. The technology in the recording studio is designed as dual, with the ability to record over a traditional analog mixer, or directly into a recording computer program. Both methods can be used simultaneously. It is planned primarily for recording and processing in ProTools on Apple Mac Pro, but there are also Steinberg Cubase / Nuendo systems available. The recording studio also has a unique quality in its top musical instruments that are available, from a grand piano through the legendary Moog and Hammond instruments, from high-end concert harps to modern software solutions, such as the Vienna Symphonic Library.

In addition to the theatre space and the recording studio, the theatre has three rehearsal rooms, a singing rehearsal room, appropriate facilities (changing rooms for four soloists and chorus), a box office, and foyers on two floors, which also include the audience cloakroom. Social events can take place in historic cellars below or a ground-floor wine bar and cafe with a sheltered garden, a total capacity is up to 150 people including the outdoor garden. The kitchen for both spaces provides hot and cold meals, the rooms are equipped with two large bars.

It is also possible to use the foyer area with a fast buffet for social gatherings after events.

The whole theatre is wheelchair accessible with a possible 24hr operation.



Technical description of the hall
Hall – longitudinal section (picture)
Hall – longitudial section (description)
Hall – ground plan
Hall – 3rd floor (picture)
Hall – 3rd floor (description)
Hall lighting system
Hall sound system
Recording studio equipment




Performances of visiting ensembles are priced the same, JAMU / Conservatory students pay CZK 50.- unless stated otherwise.

Tickets can be booked online, discount will be granted upon purchase at the box office after presenting the relevant documents – student card, pensioners‘ card, etc.

The cash desk is open one hour before the performance.

Make your ONLINE BOOKING via the PROGRAM section or on the website goout.cz



Orlí Street Theatre / Musically Dramatic Lab of JAMU is not a typical repertory theatre. It is a multipurpose teaching unit of JAMU, whose primary objective is to enable students to carry out their practical study duties. The productions we present have therefore only a limited number of performances.
Productions only run for one season, the last performances usually take place in late May. In the case of opera productions, all reprises are always performed in one block after the premiere due to organizational reasons, there are significantly fewer reprises than the musicals due to the curriculum workload of musical instrument students (orchestra members) and due to a smaller number of students of operatic singing than in other courses (drama, musical).

Currently, we are trying to enforce certain organizational changes in the curriculum so that we could increase the number of reprised opera productions to satisfy more spectators in the coming years. At the same time, all interested parties are advised to take advantage of ticket booking through the internet or by phone always on the 10th of the previous month.
Thank you for your understanding.



MgA. Jan Petr

managing director


tel: +420 542 591 801

mobil: +420 728 842 834


Mgr. Kamila Murlová

Theatre Faculty´s projects production


tel: +420 542 591 805

mobil: +420 777 879 867


Ing. Zdeňka Vlachovská

Chamber Opera production (Faculty of Music)


tel: +420 542 591 804

mobil: +420 731 622 432


Ing. Mirek Drchal

building manager


tel: +420 542 591 803

mobil: +420 731 130 740


Lucie Pokorná



tel: +420 542 591 821

mobil: +420 605 789 761


Marcela Baťová



tel: +420 542 591 802

mobil: +420 731 640 869


MgA. Tomáš Příkrý

lighting and video engineer


tel: +420 542 591 810

mobil: +420 728 312 366


Radim Kopecký

stage manager


tel: +420 542 591 806

mobil: +420 731 130 741


Dušan Souček

sound engineer


tel: +420 542 591 810

mobil: +420 608 438 531


Ing. Jana Jelínková

recording studio - sound engineer


tel: +420 542 591 820

mobil: +420 774 552 449

Theatre on Orlí Street

Orlí 19
602 00 Brno

+420 542 591 800 (reception)
The box office is open 1 hour before the performance.
+420 542 591 814